ASSET Mission Statement


Advanced Safety Services & Enhanced Training (ASSET) seeks to provide quality, time efficient, and cost efficient environmental, health, and safety services and/or training.  ASSET is a solely owned L.L.C. and is operated by myself.  When you communicate my company, then you will know exactly who will be providing your quality service and/or training.  I understand everyone’s time is very valuable, so I provide services in the most time efficient way, or work independently in order to free up your time.  I also understand that budgets are always a concern, but I will always try to find ways to work with you to ensure your workplace is safe regardless of your restraints.    

ASSET Company Profile

ASSET was formed in order to fulfill a need, which was realized while serving in various roles including; a single site EHS Manager, multi-site EHS Manager, and Corporate EHS Manager.  When in these positions I realized the need for assistance from outside companies similar to ASSET regardless of how much experience I had or others.  Whether it was an urgent need, special topic need, or need based upon time available, I realized that the outside company would be priced low and provide the quality to match, provided a service that took too much of company member or my time, and/or cost so much that  it restrained my EHS budget from other important plans for the year. 

ASSET Personal Background


My name is Worley Johnson and I have over a decade of experience in the environmental, health, and safety industry.  I have worked in all types of work environments.  All of the work roles I’ve held have been a mixture of hands-on work floor experience and program building.  A majority of my experience working for private industry companies includes; warehousing & distribution, automotive manufacturing, fiberglass manufacturing, textile manufacturing, and carpet manufacturing.   I have a bachelor of business administration, masters of occupational safety, and doctorate of organizational leadership degree.