JHA/JSA Analysis

ASSET provides hazard identification training onsite or online, full JHA/JSA evaluations, and JHA/JSA training on specific JHA/JSAs created. 


ASSET also implements full systems for lean management and team involvement centered around hazard identification and corrections.


Safety Programs

ASSET creates completely new and specific written safety programs for your organization. Unlike competitors, ASSET does not give templates of already created programs and charge high prices.


  ASSET programs will not only be compliant, but also take your organization in the right direction.  ASSET also revises programs and maintains programs on a period basis (either that we created or that you did)

Gap Assessment

ASSET performs a number of different gap assessments in order to give a status of where your program currently is, then we also offer recommendations to for gaps found in order to become compliant and what additionally can be done as "best practices".

Some organizations want a complete gap assessment, but some want specific areas targeted.  Whatever your need is, ASSET can help you.  

osha sharp/vpp

OSHA SHARP and OSHA VPP are programs that recognize top organizations for being proactively safe.  ASSET helps your organization get ready for these recognition systems prior to seeking them.  

ASSET performs  a full mock audit specific to OSHA SHARP/VPP criteria. We even walk with you once your ready to seek the certification to make sure help is always close by.

ISO 14001/45001

ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Safety and Health Management Systems can be very complex to setup and manage.  ASSET can help you train individuals, perform audits, or setup the systems that your organization desires.  

ISO training is also provided to all members of the organization in order to be compliant with the system.  ASSST also helps you build the programs needed within your management system.