ASSET has performed corporate assessments in order to standardize an overall safety program including, but not limited to; written safety programs, training programs, recordkeeping, polices, job hazard analysis, etc.  Typically working at a corporate level is more beneficial for larger companies so that individual sites do not end up with different programs that may or may not include the companies goals and objectives.


ASSET provides gap assessments for individual sites either that are trying to comply with a corporate or organizational driven program, or trying to create a program on their own.  ASSET evaluates everything about your program and even interviews employees with permission to gain an understanding of documentation, compliance, proactive safety programs, and future plans to create a priority list, then give an estimate of how long each element will take to complete.


ASSET provides targeted assessments that streamline to fix organizations top priorities either due to an anticipated injury or injury trend.  ASSET has assisted organizations in areas that include, but are not limited to; ergonomics/prevention, behavior based safety, compliance topics (bloodborne pathogens, lockout/tagout, etc.), and more.  We have worked directly in many different industry types, so regardless of need we can help!

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